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As the industry leader in evaluating and measuring marketing investments, Navigate has a wealth of knowledge in the sponsorship and marketing space. This blog shares our knowledge and insights on current events in the sports business, marketing and sponsorship worlds.

Navigate Daily Round Up – 6.11.14

Navigate Research - Wednesday, June 11, 2014
Italian Football Club AS Roma Partners with CAA Sports For Naming Rights Deal

AS Roma, an Italian football club, is seeking to sell global naming rights on its new 52,500-seat stadium and entertainment venue. The venue will hold roughly 200 events per year (football matches, concerts, etc). AS Roma would officially begin play in this stadium in the 2016-17 season.

Obviously, this is a major sponsorship opportunity for companies looking to make a global splash. AS Roma also clearly wants to build its brand internationally, a smart move. Could this be an opportunity for a US-based company to take advantage of the growing popularity of soccer (football)?

Gatorade Responds in Real Time to LeBron Cramping
Gatorade made a big splash in the social media world after game one of the NBA finals, (not so) subtly reminding everyone that LeBron prefers “to drink other stuff.”

Powerade had a pretty solid response after LeBron powered back with an impressive performance and a victory in game two. Brand chatter on social media is always fun to watch.

Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation Runs Anti-Redskins Ad During NBA Finals Game Three

The Washington Redskins nickname has been in the media a lot recently, and it will be interesting to see how the NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell react after the ad from the Yocha Dege Wintun Nation ran last night.

Navigate Daily - 6.6.14

Navigate Research - Friday, June 06, 2014

In the world of sports sponsorship, companies are always looking for unique ways of activating their sponsorships that will draw the attention of consumers and reach different target demographics. Adidas might have just stumbled into something great in terms of sponsorship activation with the announcement that the company will be launch an app that allows consumers to print Instagram photos directly on their shoes. It’s all part of the new miadidas campaign, a new shoe customization platform adidas is rolling out.
Think of the opportunities here for major brands and teams. Pretty much any professional or collegiate sports team could look to partner with both Instagram and adidas in order to set up custom-made Instagram photos relevant to their team or school in order to get consumers wearing shoes with their teams printed on them.

The brand value would be enormous. 50 people wearing Coca-Cola shoes would be like 50 mini billboards that cost the company nothing. In fact, the company would gain money because the consumer would have bought the shoe! It’s a net-net win for everyone involved.

Check out the video adidas posted on its Instagram page earlier this week explaining the app and idea set to roll out in August 2014:

Welcome to the Navigate Blog!

Navigate Research - Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Welcome to the new and improved Navigate blog! As the industry leader in evaluating and measuring marketing investments, Navigate has a wealth of knowledge in the sponsorship and marketing space. We’ll be using this blog to share some of that knowledge as well as comment on the current events of the sports business, marketing, and sponsorship worlds.

Things you can look for on the Navigate blog:

-          Daily sponsorship link roundup: Most mornings, we’ll post a quick post of the most interesting and relevant things in the sports marketing and sponsorship worlds. It will be a link round up that allows easy access to ideas.

-          Posts from our experts: Each week, we will feature a new blog post from one of our employees talking about current trends in the industry or commenting on a recent campaign or article that caught his or her eye.

-          Activation best practices: Every now and then, we’ll pull great examples of sponsorship activation from our databases and share them here on the blog for creative inspiration.

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