Navigate Research

The Navigate Research team is among
the best and brightest in the industry

At Navigate, we have recruited the best people in the industry to be a part of our team. Our employees are both experienced and passionate about the job and client relationships.

AJ Maestas
AJ Maestas  Founder & CEO
Dr. Mark Friederich
Dr. Mark Friederich  Executive Vice President, Research
Matt Balvanz
Matt Balvanz  Senior Vice President,
Julie (Frank) Angell
Julie (Frank) Angell  Senior Director,
Matt Zajac
Matt Zajac  Chief of Staff
Alexa (Linger) Huchingson
Alexa (Linger) Huchingson  Chief Revenue Officer
Andrew Fishkin
Andrew Fishkin  Director, Strategic Partnerships
Jordan Bloem
Jordan Bloem   Senior Director, Client Strategy
Allyson Corbin
Allyson Corbin  Director, Consumer Insights
Al Connor
Al Connor  SVP, Strategic Partnerships
Drew Bolero
Drew Bolero  Analyst, Data Strategy
Bailey Creager
Bailey Creager  Manager, Partnership Development
Diana Bicicchi
Diana Bicicchi  Director, Strategic Partnerships
Tess Hamer
Tess Hamer  Operations Manager
Kevin Kane
Kevin Kane  Manager, Data Strategy
Phil Ofili
Phil Ofili  Manager, Business Development
Charles Rolston
Charles Rolston  Client Strategy Consultant